My name is Mayumi Hirata.

I'm a photographer based in Hammersmith, London, U.K.
I love taking photographs of people in creative and arty, but relaxed way.

For portraits, clients can come to my studio or I can come to your area, set up a mobile studio at your own home or other locations such as garden or cool venue.

You can direct how theatrical the image want to look - dress up as heroes or using cool props to express yourself in more exciting way. Or rather than the 'studio' look, I can shoot in documentary and reportage style in natural light at home - which sometimes works better for playful children as they can be more expressive.

We can discuss the details in advance.

Let's have a fun photo-session!


Pricing 2016

At my studio

£ 140 : 2 hour basic session, includes 2 x A4 or 10x8 prints, with 2 selected JPEG images

£ 190 : 3 hour session, includes 4 x A4 images or 10x8 prints, with 4 selected JPEG images

Home visit mobile studio or location

£ 160 : 2 hour basic session, includes 2 x A4 or 10x8 prints, with  2 selected JPEG images

£ 210 : 3 hour session, includes 4 x A4 images or 10x8 prints, with  4 selected JPEG images
(travel and parking fee might apply depending on the area)

(photo-shooting for concert, theatre etc... upon request. Please enquire the price)

basic home visit session usually lasts about 2hours:

I visit your home with my equipment, discuss how and where we are going to shoot, I need at least 2m by 2m space to shoot.
You can choose a proper studio backdrop (choice of white, black or gray) or use a nice wallpaper or window for a more dramatic approach. Setting up takes about 20 mins.
Children and babies are unpredictable, so it might take longer to get used to the new enviroment.
To get a perfect shot, I take time if I need to.
Changing outfits, lighting or location adds more time to the shoot.
After getting the right shots, I pack everything away and finish the session in about two hours.

I shoot with a digital camera and capture about 100-300 images (depending on the circumstances),
I can use a film camera upon request for more traditional and higher quality exhibition prints.
Usually 3- 5days after the session, around 30 fully edited and retouched images can be viewed by you on my web-gallery using your personal password.
You can choose the image you want for the free A4 (or 10x 8) print. More prints and downloaded images can be purchased online.
A disc containing all the images in high resolution (printable up to A2 size) can also be purchased for £150 / appox 100 - 200 images

3 hour session :

Why don’t you try more different styles, themes and locations since I’m there.
It’ll be more fun and we can produce more creative images together.
A completely different fashion shoot takes time for styling and make up,
changes of lighting don’t happen instantly, but it is worth it. So take time and be creative!

When the studio is set up, we can start the photo-shoot!
Please get your outfits and props ready in advance.

Props suggestions include: hats, angel wings, scarf, flower, toys, balloons, sports equipment, picture frames, pets - just use your imagination...

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